Bärbel Schomberg nominata Fellow di RICS in Germania

Bärbel Schomberg

Bärbel Schomberg

The professional association RICS Germany in October appointed the real estate specialist Bärbel Schomberg as a Fellow of the RICS (FRICS). Under what is called the “Eminent Professional Route”, the RICS, in due compliance with stringent criteria, appoints as a fellow outstanding personalities who have made a significant contribution to enhanced professionalism in the real estate industry. Bärbel Schomberg has received this appointment primarily for her long years spent in prominent positions in the real estate sector. In particular, her work for the open-ended real estate fund sector and her involvement in the executive committees of professional associations have been much appreciated by the RICS.

“Bärbel Schomberg has for more than 30 years now been active in the real estate sector to outstanding effect. This appointment has been made not only to recognise her long years of strategic and operative responsibilities at numerous leading investment fund companies. Her honorary activities in the real estate and fund sectors, in front-ranking professional associations, plus of course her political involvement as the sector’s representative in Berlin, also in our view underline her outstanding achievements,” is how Martin Eberhardt, Executive Committee Chairman of the RICS Germany, explains the decision.

Source : RICS

Pictured : Bärbel Schomberg

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