Perfezionato il 31 marzo il merger tra Klépierre e Corio

In connection with the public exchange offer (the “Offer“) by Klépierre for all of Corio’s issued and outstanding ordinary shares, Klépierre and Corio agreed to further integrate their businesses after completion of the Offer by means of a cross-border merger with Klépierre as the surviving entity and Corio as the disappearing entity (the “Merger“).

Klépierre announces that, in accordance with the Merger Proposal, the Merger has taken effect on 31 March 2015. As of such date, Klépierre has acquired all assets and liabilities of Corio by operation of law and Corio has ceased to exist and as a result thereof has been delisted from Euronext Amsterdam.

Klépierre has issued 7,319,177 new shares, in consideration for the 6,420,331 Corio shares held by the remaining minority shareholders of Corio. As a consequence, the total number of Klépierre shares was raised to 314,356,063.

ABN AMRO, in its capacity as Exchange Agent, informed Klépierre today that the new Klépierre shares will be delivered to the former Corio shareholders on 7 April 2015.


Source : Company

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