MPC Capital , con il suo brand STAYTOO, avvia lo sviluppo a Kaiserslautern, in Germania, di 387 “Micro-Living Apartments” per studenti e communter

MPC Capital, a Hamburg-based asset and investment manager, is planning to build nearly 400 micro-living apartments in Kaiserslautern in keeping with its current expansion strategy. Under its STAYTOO brand, the company will offer modern, high-quality housing accommodation in the economically strong town in the southern part of Rhineland-Palatinate. The University of Technology and the University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern have a combined enrolment total of 17,000 students. At the same time, the town is home to several institutes of the Fraunhofer Society, the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, and the Business + Innovation Center (bic) along with any number of companies, particularly from the IT industry.

“In addition to university students, our project focus is expressly on young professionals and commuters working in Kaiserslautern, a city dubbed ‘Silicon Woods’ as one of Germany’s technology hubs. The apartments will accommodate the living expectations of the ‘Millennials’ generation. Bespoke living comfort paired with social connectivity are the cornerstones of these ambience-conscious tenants,” said Rainer Nonnengässer, Head of Micro Living division at MPC Capital, as he elaborated on the company’s plans.

By summer of 2017, around 400 apartments will be created for students, young professionals and commuters on a gross building area of 12,279 sqm. Like the other STAYTOO brand properties, the new scheme will offer a reception area, a “Washing Lounge” laundromat, and common-part areas for socialising. The grounds extend over roughly 3,150 sqm and offer ample space for recreational and leisure activities. The building also includes an underground car park with around 88 parking spots.


STAYTOO is also considering the development of a start-up business centre at the apartment complex. The STAYTOO philosophy complements the holistic concept of the Kaiserslautern Technology Park: living, research, working, shopping, and recreation interact in a productive symbiosis.

Kaiserslautern is the third project of the micro-living platform STAYTOO that MPC Capital will realise in collaboration with Danish investor Sparinvest Property Investors. Previously realised properties of this type are located in Bonn and Nuremberg. STAYTOO has its focus on all major campus towns in Germany.

MPC Capital is an independent investment manager specialising in tangible-based investments and their management in the three core areas of real estate, maritime investments, and infrastructure. Since 1994, MPC Capital has launched altogether 300 investment projects, realising tangible assets in a total value of more than 19 billion euros.

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