Alberghi : numeri buoni e nuove aperture per Motel One

With the opening of the Motel One Manchester-Royal Exchange, as at 30.06.2017, the number of hotels operating was 57 (previous year: 54), with 15,467 rooms (previous year: 14,440 rooms). Average occupancy of 82% in the second quarter remained slightly less than the previous year (83%) due to seasonal effects. Sales, however, rose by 6% to EUR 102 million (previous year: EUR 97 million) and Operating profit rose by 7% to EUR 23 million (previous year: EUR 22 million).

For the 1st half-year of 2017, occupancy at 77% (previous year: 74%) and income per room sold at EUR 89.50 (previous year: EUR 89.10) remained virtually unchanged. Based on these parameters, sales rose by 8% to EUR 185 million (previous year: EUR 171 million) and Operat-ing profit rose by 36% to EUR 40 million (previous year: EUR 30 million). Return on sales increased to 21.8% (previous year: 17.4%). Profit after tax, including the book profits from the 1st quarter’s sale and leaseback transaction, increased to EUR 58 million (previous year: EUR 20 million )

The number of hotels in operation is 57 with 15,467 rooms (previous year: 54 hotels with 14,440 rooms). The proportion of leases is 81% (previous year: 80%). 13 hotels with 2,887 rooms (pre-vious year: 13 hotels with 2,824 rooms) are under ownership. As a result of the S&L transactions, the number of owned hotels within the Motel One portfolio decreased by 4 properties with 1,086 rooms. Conversely, in addition to the Manchester hotel that opened, the Berlin-Tiergarten, Nürnberg-City and Leipzig-Nikolaikirche hotel properties were purchased from the Lloyd Fonds. Internationally, Motel One now has 16 hotels with 4,611 rooms in operation (previous year: 14 hotels with 4,166 rooms). The international share of the portfolio increased to 30% (previous year: 29%).

The development pipeline comprises 30 hotels with 9,902 rooms (previous year: 23 hotels with 7,720 rooms). Of these, 11 owned hotels (previous year: 9) and 19 hotels under long-term leases with external investors (previous year: 14) are being developed. Contractually secured growth increased to 87 hotels (previous year: 77), with 25,369 rooms (previous year: 22,160). New contracts were signed in the first half of 2017 for locations in Düsseldorf, Hannover, Stuttgart and Milan.

As well as the Motel One Berlin-Upper West and Manchester-Royal Exchange that were already opened in the first half of the year, the second half will see the opening of the Motel One Zürich, München-Parkstadt Schwabing, Freiburg, Barcelona, Berlin-Alexanderplatz and Amsterdam-Waterlooplein.


Source : Company