Amici RICS, sostenete Ingrid !

Qui  sotto  un ” Appello”  di  Ingrid  Nappi- Choulet, FRICS (  francese, ma  nata  a  Milano), ESSEC Business School 

Professeure Titulaire de la Chaire Immobilier et Développement Durable
Real Estate & Sustainable Development Chair Professor

«Great news to share with you!

Today, I am very proud to have been selected as a candidate to represent the profession on the highest strategic governance body of the RICS, the Governing Council. The Council is seeking to diversify further its governing structure and align its missions and actions more closely with the challenges of the modern world.

With over 25 years of experience as Chair Professor of real estate studies and programme leader of an RICS accredited programme at ESSEC Business School, as well as experience of teaching abroad in other RICS accredited programs, I have always demonstrated my ambition and determination to develop real estate education in France and in Europe and the education of some current and future leaders of the real estate industry.

The future and a better real estate industry has also been at the core of my non-academic activities. I have been involved on several executive boards during the last 20 years: listed real estate companie or real estate professional associations (ERES European Real Estate Society, Cercle des femmes de l’immobilier, ADI association des directeurs immobiliers) but also the Conseil Immobilier de l’Etat (a body created by the French Ministry of Finance whose goal is to ensure state real estate policy is well run and its strategic vision is adapted to public resources).

I am intimately convinced that we have to put the human being and the environment in which he lives at the heart of our endeavours; key questions of our times include: 

– Act on how to increase the degree of environmental and social sustainability in the sector.

– Pool the thoughts on digital transformation of RE. 

– Reflect on our privacy and the notion of individual liberties in the light of the increasing use of the new technologies and in particular IOT. 

– Question the effectiveness of New Ways of Working and the implications of Co-Working for the real estate industry.

I aim to get elected to the Council in order to emphasise and develop answers to these pressing questions. I will use my independance as an academic, my experience and skills-sets, the strengths of the academic world and practical knowledge of the Real Estate industry. 

I would like to reach out to all European members of RICS: with your help and your vote I want to contribute to a sustainable role and prestige of the real estate industry in our society. Let’s start now!