Andreas Kipar (LAND) rivela la nuova “Ca’Corniani” di Genagricola ( Gruppo Generali ) presso Caorle

Today, with the unveiling of three contemporary art works by Alberto Garutti, “Le Tre Soglie”, visitors are welcome to explore and experience “Ca’Corniani – Terra d’avanguardia”, the landscape transformation of the historic Genagricola estate planned and developed by LAND, uniting landscape, agriculture, and art.

Andreas Kipar, landspace architect from the international studio LAND started the project “Ca’Corniani – Terra d’avanguardia” in 2015. His masterplan to regenerate Ca’Corniani includes a range of associated improvement measures, covering landscape architecture, sustainability and environmental strategies, culture and art, and agricultural innovations.

Ca’Corniani, covering 1,770 ha, is one of the largest Italian farms, located on reclaimed land in Caorle, the rural part of the Venice province, and surrounded by historic hydraulic infrastructures such as canals and dams. The landscape is characterised by river banks, fields of maize and wheat, poplars and fruit trees.

Sustainable environmental changes include the introduction of 3 ha of plots of woodlands, 7 km of hedges and treelines, and 5 km of pollination strips consisting of a variety of flowers to break down monoculture and increase biodiversity, and to encourage bee reproduction. Landscape architectural innovations include a newly established network of 32 km of cycle and pedestrian paths to connect Ca’Corniani with the surrounding territory, a cycle station and recreational areas with information totems offering insights in the agriculture and history of the land.

Cultural and architectural developments cover the sensitive restoration and conservation of historic buildings and infrastructure such as the wine cellar and draining pump. Multi-media installations and a photographic exhibition, accompanied by original documents from the Ca’Corniani Archive, the Generali Historical Archive as well as private collections offer visitors an insight in the history and culture of the estate and the surrounding area. Artist Alberto Garutti – winner of the international art competition initiated by Andreas Kipar from LAND and under the curatorship of Eight Art Project – interprets the historical and agricultural heritage of Ca’Corniani with three site-specific works. The contemporary public art works are located at the access points to the estate, welcoming visitors and raising curiosity and interest.

The redevelopment of Ca’Corniani is part of a wider development process of Genagricola, the agri-food holding of Generali Italia, combining cutting-edge agricultural research and methodology with targeted actions to encourage cultural and touristic development of the area and to increase involvement and opportunities for the local community. This fusion of landscape, art and agriculture is anchored in the philosophy of Valore Cultura, a Generali Italia programme, established in 2016 with the aim of making art and culture accessible to a wider public through a wide range of initiatives.

Source : LAND