ASTOR Film Lounge al nuovo “ FOODTOPIA” completa la modernizzazione – da 100 mn- del centro commerciale “MyZeil” di ECE a Francoforte

With today’s opening of the Astor Film Lounge, ECE and DWS have successfully completed the modernization of MyZeil shopping center in Frankfurt. The opening of this premium cinema is the last step in the transformation of the shopping center’s fourth floor into the FOODTOPIA food and entertainment floor. With an extensive refurbishment and an investment totaling more than €100 million, MyZeil has been redesigned over the past 18 months as a modern shopping, lifestyle and entertainment complex. As a result, it has been repositioned for the future.

A significant element of this repositioning is the now completed transformation of the fourth floor into the FOODTOPIA food and entertainment floor, where initial operators have already been open since April 11, 2019. The FOODTOPIA concept, which was developed and implemented by shopping center specialist ECE, offers a unique mix of contemporary food options, comprehensive entertainment offerings, including a new premium cinema and large event space, as well as a unique architectural ambiance, with the lively atmosphere of a market hall and exterior terraces offering views of the skyline.

The premium ASTOR Film Loungerepresents another highlight of FOODTOPIA, one that will provide more foot traffic as well as further entertainment options. The ASTOR Film Lounge at MyZeil has five theaters with a total of more than 400 seats and offers a select cinema program with high-quality service and special extras like in-seat service, coat check and comfortable leather chairs.

Source :ECE Projektmanagement