Cityzen e Immobel lanciano una competizione internazionale di architettura/design per refurbishment del “Centre Monnaie” a Bruxelles

Last May, Cityzen Residence SA, Cityzen Office SA and Cityzen Hotel SA, companies controlled by Whitewood, DW Partners and IMMOBEL, signed the deed of purchase for the Centre Monnaie. The logical consequence of this important transaction is the launch of the architectural design competition for the 62,000 m² space above The MINT shopping centre.

An international project

The partners in this very large urban regeneration project have already announced that they intend to convert the building into a mixed complex of dwellings, offices and a hotel by 2024. A gigantic real-estate operation which IMMOBEL, Whitewood and DW Partners wish to endow with an international and strategic dimension through an ambitious and exceptionally high-quality refurbishment. The building is currently occupied by the city of Brussels, which is due to relocate to the Brucity building in early 2022, and Bpost, whose departure is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

A competition for a ground-breaking, sustainable refurbishment

The call for entries concerns the architectural design for the redevelopment of the largest part of the Centre Monnaie. The major portion of the underground car park and the multi-storey shopping centre belong to other owners. The design work will take place as a joint collaboration between the team including the architectural firms DDS+ and ADE, who are responsible for implementing the project. According to the timetable for this operation, a shortlist of five candidates will be announced at the end of October, before a final decision on the firm to be appointed is taken by mid-February 2020.

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