Con il nuovo Aeroporto di Berlino sarà boom per il real estate della Capitale tedesca : il Berlin-Brandenburg International (BER) “ muoverà” nuovi residenti e creerà molte migliaia di nuovi posti di lavoro

Now scheduled to open at the end of October, the new airport Berlin-Brandenburg International (BER) is bringing palpable economic stimuli and brisk growth in real estate prices and commercial rents to the south-east corner of Berlin. Many market players have taken advantage of the intervening period of about eight years to move forward with their development projects. The growing demand for office accommodation is reflected in property and land developments. According to a survey that PRS Family Trust GmbH commissioned from Wüest Partner Deutschland, prices for development land in the direct vicinity of the airport have increased by 60 percent since 2018. This contrasts with a growth by only 47 percent between 2012 and 2018, according to Rainer Schorr, Managing Director of PRS.

Oliver Igel, the mayor of Treptow-Köpenick, which is the borough that borders directly on the airport grounds, expects to see serious growth in 34 commercial locations. According to the mayor, about 85,000 new jobs will be created in the immediate and remoter vicinity of the airport. Igel also expects 40,000 new residents in the region immediately surrounding the airport as well as 120,000 new residents in Berlin. In his own words: “The ramifications of the soon-to-open international airport BER, which is the biggest infrastructure project in our region, extend far beyond the region. It is rather obvious that the attractiveness of our borough in this context will bring us face to face with enormous challenges. Both with respect to the necessary infrastructure and in regard to the development of the real estate market. But these are challenges that we are happy to confront in order to remain fit for the future.”

The science and technology park in Berlin-Adlershof, the largest of its kind in Germany, is exemplary for the economic ascent of the city’s south-eastern section. Roughly 1,200 businesses and scientific institutions  with about 23,500 professionals and about 6,500 students work at the campus. Since 2019, when the Allianz insurance company moved to Adlershof with 2,500 employees, the subdistrict has transformed into a first-class finance and administrative centre. On top of that, Adlershof is just one motorway exit on the A113 expressway from the new airport when heading downtown, and is only a ten-minute ride away on inbound trains from the airport and a 20-minute ride on outbound trains from the city centre.

Savings Bank Rents 22,000 Square Metres in Berlin-Adlershof
By signing the Berliner Sparkasse savings bank, BAUWERT just found the first anchor tenant for its Square 1 campus project in Adlershof. The bank has rented 22,000 square metres above ground and another 2,600 square metres of floor space below ground at the Square 1, and is planning to move in by the first quarter of 2024. Square 1 provides a total of 172,000 square metres of office space and is being designed as campus by the architectural firms Eller + Eller, Tchoban Voss, and Grüntuch Ernst as well as by the landscape architectural firm Topotec 1.
Letting the premises ahead of the start of construction work enables BAUWERT to customise the rented premises to the occupiers’ specific requirements. The project will deliver bespoke modern and efficient office units in a building certified to the DGNB Gold standard. “With Square 1, we intend to provide Berliner Sparkasse with an adequate building infrastructure for a modern working environment and for networking with other sectors,” said Dr. Bernd Schade, Member of the Board of BAUWERT AG, and went on to say: “Another aspect is to have a location directly in Europe’s largest technology campus and to have building specifications that leave nothing to be desired in terms of environmental and social sustainability.”

Demand is Particularly Strong among Tech-Companies
“The route between the inner city of a given metropolis and its airport has proven an attractive location for incoming businesses,” said Mareike Lechner, member of the board of immobilien-experten-ag., a company that currently has three projects with a combined floor area of around 150,000 square metres under development in Adlershof. “We started to engage with the Adler-shof location as early as the mid-1990s, and launched our first project here in 2010. At the time we started to commit ourselves in Adlershof, we had no way of knowing that it would take so long for the BER Airport to open,” added Mareike Lechner. Despite the delays at the airport, around 30,000 square metres have already been let at the biggest project of immobilien-experten-ag., the “Am Oktogon” campus for commerce and technology. “Our tenants work in the sectors of research and development, automotive, contract logistics, network technology and in the service sector. They benefit from the high degree of networking among the resident entities and the future-oriented environment as well as from excellent transportation access,” said the board member. Once completed, the campus will comprise 17 new-build units and one existing building, and will have a combined gross floor area of 85,000 square metres. The con-struction of “Am Oktogon” is expected to be concluded by 2025.

Source : Joint  release