Covivio riconferma il Chairman Jean Laurent e nomina due nuovi Director indipendenti

The General Assembly also approved the renewal of the term of office of Jean Laurent as member of the Board of Directors for four additional years. After the General meeting, the Board approved the renewal of its term of office as Chairman for the duration of its term of office as Board member. Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2011, Jean Laurent has actively contributed to the success of Covivio’s strategic directions, and presided over the Group’s transformation into one of Europe’s leading real estate operators.

Having exceeded 12 years’ service, after which a director loses his independent status according to the Afep- Medef Code, Bertrand de Feydeau and Pierre Vaquier will be replaced by two new independent directors, Christian Delaire and Olivier Piani. Throughout their terms of office, Bertrand de Feydeau and Pierre Vaquier have provided the Board of Directors with their experience as directors and their unique real estate expertise.

Christian Delaire (former CEO of Generali Real Estate and AEW Europe) and Olivier Piani (former CEO of Allianz Real Estate and GE Capital Real Estate Europe) will enhance the real estate and international expertise of the Board of Directors.

A graduate of ESSEC Business School, Christian Delaire has had a successful career in the world of finance and real estate. He became CIO of AXA Real Estate in 2006. He then held the position of AEW Europe CEO between 2009 and 2014 and Generali Real Estate Global CEO from 2014 to 2016. Christian Delaire has been Senior Advisor of the Atland Group as well as an Independent Director of Cromwell European Investment Trust since 2017 and of the Belgian developer Atenor since 2018.

A graduate of ESCP Business School and holder of an MBA from Stanford University, Olivier Piani has over 30 years’ real estate experience. After having spent 13 years working for Paribas Group, he joined GE Capital Real Estate in 1998 where he held the position of CEO of GE Real Estate Europe from 2002 to 2008. CEO of Allianz Real Estate from 2008 to 2015, in 2016 he founded OP Conseils, a real estate and finance consultancy. He has also been Senior Advisor and Chairman of the Ardian Real Estate Investment Committee since 2016.

The Board of Directors is composed of 15 members, of which 60% independent directors and 40% women, and two censors. Jean Laurent, Chairman of the Board of Directors (*)
Leonardo Del Vecchio, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Catherine Allonas Barthe, permanent representative of ACM Vie, Member
Romolo Bardin, Member
Delphine Benchetrit, Member (*)
Jean-Luc Biamonti, Member (*)
Christian Delaire, Member (*)
Sigrid Duhamel, Member (*)
Jérôme Grivet, permanent representative of Predica, Member
Christophe Kullmann, Chief Executive Officer
Sylvie Ouziel, Member (*)
Olivier Piani, Member (*)
Patricia Savin, Member (*)
Catherine Soubie, Member (*)
Laurent Tollié, permanent representative of Covéa Coopérations, Member
Sergio Erede, Censor
Ariberto Fassati, Censor
Laurent Tollié, Member   Source : Company