CRREM diffonde i risultati della consultazione pubblica su “Decarbonisation Pathways for Real Estate”

CRREM  (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor)  would like to thank all market participants who took part in the public consultation phase, and announces the final release of the decarbonisation pathways for the global real estate sector that help to identify and manage transition risks for individual assets.  

The final pathways published today on the CRREM website identify annual energy- and carbon-intensity trajectories until 2050 across real estate markets and sectors that are consistent with keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. Following the public consultation period, the results have been published on the CRREM webpages. Market responses confirmed the methodology used to derive to the decarbonisation pathways, hence resulting in no material changes.

Attached is the  press release of the EU-funded research project “Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM)” announcing the results of the public consultation phase.

Source  :  Joint  release