Design International presenta il suo ultimo maxi- progetto residenziale  a Bucharest : “Infinity Nord” , con 1.250  appartamenti

Design International, with client Redport Capital, presents its new residential quarter in Bucharest. The design breaks new ground in the Capital City that in recent years has begun to embrace international culture. Infinity Nord is inspired by the work of universally renowned sculptor, Constantin Brâncuși. He explored the concept of infinity throughout his life, and the infinity symbol gives the development its striking plan form.

Bucharest, the thriving capital of Romania, a fast-developing city where residents look globally for inspiration and lifestyle, while respecting the country’s rich cultural heritage. When Design International was invited to develop designs for a residential quarter on the site of a former petrochemicals plant they were true to these principles. As is usual for Design International, the designs were perfected with close involvement from the client all the way.

The infinity symbol gives Infinity Nord its heart and meaning. Design International chose it, not only to celebrate Brâncuși, but because its shape creates a permeable arrangement of public and semi-private courtyards and thoroughfares. Residents and visitors can wander through green spaces, piazzas and boulevards, soaking up the atmosphere. And they can enjoy supersized sculptures along the way. This is art and design combined.

Every apartment has a balcony, providing all residents the opportunity to sit outside in the fresh air, or watch their children play in the safe spaces.

The parking podium is set at various levels below ground and at grade. The effect is that the public spaces above rise and fall connected by gentle slopes. This gives a third dimension to the whole experience of living in or visiting Infinity Nord. 

The boulevards are truly public places: the commercial units that open onto them will serve residents and nearby neighbours too. This is confirmation of the desire to design for the community – not just for residents.

“This is a very contemporary development,” says design manager Chiara Braida. “We have worked with Redport Capital, our client, every step of the way to express Bucharest’s new image as a modern, international City. We have paid particular attention to the spaces between the buildings, creating lovely walks for visitors and passers-by through piazzas and green hubs. This is a development for all the people of Bucharest, not only the residents. Although I’m sure they will love and respect their new surroundings.”

Cosmin Savu-Cristescu, Managing Director of Redport Capital, said:

“Infinity Nord is one of the largest urban regeneration projects in Romania. It forms part of a comprehensive vision for the next decade, which will totally regenerate this northern part of the capital city, Bucharest.

Our partnership with Design International is helping us achieve this vision. Together we are defining our objectives and applying their knowledge of international development practice to our local market. Together we will deliver a practical. Intelligent and integrated project reflecting our commitment to creating the best life for all the residents of this exciting development.

Infinity Nord is a landmark project for the company I represent, Redport Capital. It will soon be an important feature on the real estate development map of Bucharest.”

Facts at a glance
The 44 sq km site was previously a petrochemical plant. The water table has been protected by limiting excavation to 4 metres depth. In addition, the nearby airport limits the height to 28 metres.

Total land surface: 44 sqkm
Total GBA: 125 000 sqm
Total residential units: 1250
Total parking: 1500
Founded in 1965 in Toronto, Design International has built a solid reputation over the years in the world of design, particularly in the field of retail architecture. In fact, it pioneered some of the most innovative concepts in architecture, such as the construction of malls with glass roofs that promote the use of natural light (Bugis Junction, Singapore). Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the retail field, the studio now works on projects that span multiple sectors, including mixed-use, residential, hotels, hospitality, stations and transport hubs. Design International is currently developing major projects in Europe, India and the Middle East, and is overseeing the construction of new mixed-use structures in China.
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