ECE e Allianz Real Estate “ rifanno” con 14 mn di euro il food floor nel centro commerciale “Europa-Passage” ad Amburgo

More stylish, more modern, more diverse: Ten years after its opening, Europa-Passage, located in downtown Hamburg, will get a complete makeover. The new “FoodSky” extending across the entire top floor of the center will be the main focus of the planned refurbishment. It will comprise a food court accommodating 15 food retailers and a common seating area with nearly 400 seats as well as five further restaurants. The “FoodSky” will open in fall of this year. Once opened the food area will also be open to customers on Sundays from 11am to 6pm. The other modernizations for Europa Passage will be completed by spring 2018. In the past years, Allianz, who owns Europa Passage, has been specializing in retail real estate investments. The company will invest a total of 14 million euros into the refurbishment of the center. ECE has been providing the center management services for Europa Passage since 2008 and its team of professionals will also be responsible for the modernization.

“Europa Passage in Hamburg is our flagship retail property in Germany,” said Holger Hosang, Head of Asset Management at Allianz Real Estate Germany GmbH. “The refurbishment project which is starting now will pave the way for the successful further development of the center. The renovation will ensure that Europa Passage will remain an attractive customer magnet in downtown Hamburg in the future.”

“Dining options have become more and more significant for a premium shopping experience. Our new FoodSky will become an absolute highlight that will enthuse our visitors and guests anew time and again,” promises Center Manager Gerhard Löwe. The food court will be a place designed for a high quality of stay and a long dwell time – a space to feel at ease and to relax. After completion of the new food area, dinning concepts will have a share of approx. 20 percent at Europa Passage.

A large, ellipses-shaped food court with nearly 400 seats will be constructed in the center of this new oasis of delight. It allows visitors to select their favorite dish from one of the 15 outlets and still eat with their family, friends, or colleagues at the same table.


Source : Joint press release