EXPO REAL, la Nota di chiusura

The strong property markets in Central Europe, and in Germany in particular, have prompted a positive mood at EXPO REAL, despite differences in development between individual countries. For the 36,000 participants in EXPO REAL, the 16th International Trade Fair for Property and Investment, the focus on all three days was again firmly on networking and business.Business is certainly what EXPO REAL is all about for Torsten Knapmeyer, Managing Director of Deka Immobilien and WestInvest: “We use the trade fair to exchange news and views with our business partners about the current situation in the industry. The numerous events at the trade fair also afford the opportunity to get an idea of what other market participants think about how the property markets are developing. Traditionally, EXPO REAL has proved to be a good place to discuss transactions.”
Jan-Willem Bastijn, Head of EMEA Capital Markets at Cushman & Wakefield, UK, comments: “There was a positive atmosphere at EXPO REAL 2013 – we are on the brink of a turning point. The mood is continuing to improve and we are seeing an increased willingness to do business right across the board.” Teresa Dreo, Business Unit Manager Real Estate Germany at Unicredit Bank AG, Germany, agrees: “For us as a property financier, EXPO REAL, the International Trade Fair for Property and Investment, is the most important trade fair bar none. With our focus on Central and Eastern Europe, especially Germany, we see EXPO REAL as the ideal networking platform for these markets. The continuing keen interest in German property is clearly reflected in the positive mood at the trade fair and contributes not insignificantly to its overall success.” This year, as well as the classic markets of Central and Western Europe, many countries from Eastern and Southeastern Europe were also represented. Commenting on this, Irina Babyuk, Chairwoman, Committee for Investment of St. Petersburg, Russia, said: “In view of the increasing competition for investors among regions and cities, it is necessary to develop their investment potential. As an attractive business platform, EXPO REAL provided St. Petersburg with the opportunity to demonstrate this potential. During the trade fair we presented the city’s projects which aroused interest among European companies. It is important to note that we have signed two agreements worth 1.7 billion euros.” The presence of the entire value-added chain in the property sector impressed many first-time exhibitors, too. Heiner Franssen, Managing Director, LIC Asset Management GmbH from the US, was one of them: “EXPO REAL offered us an exceptional opportunity to meet with senior-level contacts, critical to our business, across every sector of the international real estate investment market including service providers, consultants, investors, and lenders.” Georg Schlegel, Managing Director, Choice Hotels Europe and one of the many new exhibitors taking part in the “World of Hospitality” joint stand, was also enthusiastic: “My impression is that the stand enjoys very high acceptance and has established itself as the rallying point for the industry at EXPO REAL. For us it is an opportunity to take part in EXPO REAL in a very cost effective way.”

For Barbara Ettinger-Brinckmann, Chair of Germany´s Federal Chamber of German Architects, the conference forums were a real highlight. She is keen to see architects play a bigger role here: “EXPO REAL is an important trade fair, which is a must for architects and town planners. We should become even more closely involved because everything that is center-stage here would not be possible without our planning input. That is why the forums are very important for us – they stimulate further thinking.” This year´s success is already prompting some exhibitors to think ahead to EXPO REAL 2014. One such is Christa Thijssen, Director of Holland Property Plaza, from the Netherlands: “The positive mood of so many real estate professionals attending EXPO REAL in only three days encouraged us to now already start the preparations for our seventh participation in EXPO REAL. For us, EXPO REAL is really the place to be!”
Out of the total of 36,000 participants, 18,600 were trade visitors (2012: 18,911) and 17,400 were representatives from the exhibiting companies (2012: 17,238). The top ten among the 65 countries of origin among the visitors were, after Germany, and in this order: Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, France, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, the US and Luxembourg.
The next EXPO REAL takes place from October 6 to 8, 2014 in Munich.
Source : Press release