Finlandia, il volume delle transazioni ha superato, nel 2017, i 10 miliardi di euro : dominano gli uffici, seguono retail e industrial

According to the statistics of KTI, transaction volume in the Finnish property market reached new annual record level of EUR 10.2 billion in 2017. The volume exceeded the former record level of 2016 by 38%. The volumes of Q3 and Q4 amounted to EUR 4.8 bn and EUR 2.8 bn, respectively. These are two highest quarterly figures in Finland ever.

Q3 volume was supported by the largest-ever property transaction in Finland, where Blackstone’s Polar Bidco acquired the listed company Sponda. The market value of Sponda’s Finnish property portfolio amounts to some EUR 3.7 bn. Another large property company transaction was closed in Q4, when China Investment Corporation and its co-investors acquired the logistics property company Logicor from Blackstone’s fund. Of Logicor’s total portfolio of some 13 million square meters of logistics and warehouse premises, some 1.1 million sqm is located in Finland. The largest single property transaction of the year was the acquisition of a 50% stake in the Kamppi shopping centre in Helsinki CBD by TH Real Estate European Cities Fund for some EUR 250 million.

During the year, several new foreign investors entered the Finnish property market. Altogether foreign investors accounted for 68% of the total volume in 2017. Office properties were the most traded property type in 2017, accounting for 40% of the total volume (EUR 4.1 billion). Retail and industrial properties accounted for 26% and 15% of the total volume, respectively.


Source  :  Company