Finlandia, Sponda punta sul coworking

Sponda launched the creative hub Mothership of Work (MOW) a year ago, and the next coworking hub will be opened in Ruoholahti in Helsinki.


“MOW is Helsinki’s first coworking hub of its a kind: a space that provides an inspirational working environment and community as well as extensive services starting from a MOW Host. We have received loads of good feedback of MOW and we are proud that the concept is growing with a new member,” rejoices Pia Arrhenius, Sponda’s Senior Vice President, Corporate Planning and IR and MOW Mama.


The coworking hub to be opened in Ruoholahti at Porkkalankatu 22 in the autumn has 300 workstations and different types of open-concept spaces, café-style lounges as well as closed project and office spaces for working. The hub has an excellent location in proximity of public transport and the seaside. The specialty of this hub is a large rooftop terrace that invites tenants to move their workstations outside when the weather is beautiful.


At MOW, members can use different services facilitating their working in addition to their workstations. These services, such as IT support, are included in the rent. MOW Host is responsible for the MOW atmosphere and sense of community.


Companies at MOW also get an office of their own scaled to their occupancy rates. When the company needs more space, flexible workstations provide the needed space. The flexible workstations in the hub provide an easy opportunity for companies to grow or shrink, acquire working space for temporary personnel or an opportunity for a team of a larger company to try out different working premises.


MOW receives excellent results in customer satisfaction survey.


The MOW concept has been very well received among the members, which was shown by the customer satisfaction survey carried out in September 2016. A total of 97 per cent of the respondents feel that MOW’s spaces suited their working needs well and 95 per cent consider MOW an inspiring place to work.


Based on the survey, MOW’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 73, which is an excellent score. MOW’s interiors and design were also praised. 80 per cent of the respondents feel better at home in MOW than in a traditional office. In spring 2016, MOW won the gold medal in Finland’s Nordic Startup Awards in the Best Office Space category.


“MOW has been developed together with the members, and we absolutely want to keep up this development work with MOWers. We will continue to invest in the interiors and design also in the future, and we will use modern technology in both presentation equipment and building service systems. We want the hub to look like its users and for the users to enjoy the space,” says Arrhenius.


MOW has also been awarded with a BREEAM® Good level environmental certificate. In the certification, special thanks were given regarding the property’s central location which enables excellent public transport connections.

Source : Sponda Plc