Gecina lancia la “subsidiarization” del suo portafoglio residenziale

This subsidiarization is an opportunity for Gecina to develop its rental residential portfolio in Greater Paris’ most central sectors, as well as in other major French cities. It will make it possible to open up the capital of this subsidiary, which will continue to be controlled by Gecina, enabling future investors to benefit from the Group’s experience.

Today, housing is a crucial issue in France. The current housing supply is not aligned with the rapid growth in the urban population and its expectations in terms of centrality, flexibility and environmental efficiency.

In response to these long-term trends, Gecina aims to develop and operate a residential rental offering aimed at middle-class households to supplement the existing rental offering of social or intermediate housing and private rental properties.

Gecina draws on its integrated management model and 60 years of experience to offer its residents housing and services that are effectively aligned with their expectations. With its customer relationship-focused approach and its capacity for innovation, the Group is able to offer quality rental properties that meet the growing demand among tenants for proximity between where they live, where they work and their transport hubs.

Gecina’s residential portfolio is made up of 6,000 apartments, representing 409,000 sq.m, valued at around 3 billion euros, located primarily in the Paris Region.

With this proposed subsidiarization, the Group is looking to build on and further strengthen the robust operational and financial performance levels achieved for over two years with its residential portfolio, while positioning itself to capitalize on potential opportunities for growth and value creation.

Gecina intends to retain control of its subsidiary and maintain a Group share allocation of its portfolio with around 80% office assets and 20% residential assets.

Source : Company