Global Solar Summit per la prima volta a Milano

( 8 e 9 maggio 2013)
“An industry under transformation” is the topic chosen for the first edition of the Global Solar Summit, the annual international conference on solar energy organized by the Global Solar Alliance, which this year is being held in Italy.
The event will take place on May 8th and 9th at the Milan-Rho Exhibition & Congress Center, in parallel with Solarexpo, one of the three founding members of the Alliance together with Solar Power International (USA) and SNEC PV Power Expo (China). The Alliance initiative has become the ideal platform for the solar industry to boost the development of the solar energy sector worldwide.
The global solar industry is at an historic turning point, a change prompted by a series of dynamics that in the coming months will require clear strategic decisions that can sustain a renewed period of growth and greater competitiveness in the wider energy market.
In the course of the two days, top international representatives of the institutions, sector associations, financial world, analysts and senior executives of the major industrial players will come together to debate and discuss key aspects of the global photovoltaic market while addressing the new challenges and opportunities that should be considered in order to  formulate an effective strategy that will sustain the positive growth trend of the global solar industry in the coming months.
The main threads of the debate will focus on:
– RATIONALISATION – short term planning, strategies and challenges to endure a tumultuous phase
– NEW OPPORTUNITIES – catalyzing resources to promote renewable energies in emerging markets and developing countries
– SUSTAINED GROWTH –  exercising better control over the variables that hold back development
Guido Agostinelli, who has just assumed the position of Director of the Global Solar Summit and therefore has the responsibility for coordinating the partners involved, said: “In a particularly challenging moment for the solar industry at global level, with the Global Solar Summit we intend to bring together the entire international solar community and build a platform for effective dialogue that can sustain the evolution of photovoltaic in a historic phase, characterised by enormous rebalancing in the mature markets and interesting growth in the emerging markets.”
About the Global Solar Alliance
The GLOBAL SOLAR ALLIANCE is a community-oriented project initiated by leading trade exhibitions & business conferences in Europe, China and North America with the purpose of driving the global development of the solar markets and industry.
It strives to spread awareness, information and advocacy among the professional community, the decision makers and the general public while promoting solar energy as a mainstream solution for a low-carbon economy. By implementing this strategy, the GLOBAL SOLAR ALLIANCE endeavors to establish an effective dialogue platform between industry leaders and policy makers with the specific goal of leveling the playing field for solar markets at both global and regional scale.
The GLOBAL SOLAR ALLIANCE also aims to act as a catalyst for the development of new and emerging markets for solar technologies, in line with the rapidly growing demand for sustainable energy and the great challenges toward universal energy access.
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