I key highlights del quarto giorno del “Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020” sul tema “Industry Transition”

Systemic Change
Li Yong, Director General of UNIDO, gave a call to action, speaking on the importance of governments and businesses working together collaboratively. He said we need systemic and sustained efforts, combined with conservation to explore all possible pathways for the decarbonisation of industry.

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)
Will Gardiner, Group CEO at Drax spoke on the importance of investing in carbon capture technology but argued that we must make these decisions now so we can plan and deliver a carbon negative future. Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director at the IEA, spoke about the need for solutions like carbon capture to reduce emissions, to ensure we achieve net-zero.

Hydrogen – the Silver Bullet?
Eugene McKenna at Johnson Matthey highlighted the critical nature of investing in green hydrogen as a key solution that will contribute to the decarbonisation of the industrial sector, stressing that we need financial incentives to drive behavioural change.

Carbon Pricing
A number of our panellists, including Mindy Lubber at Ceres, highlighted the crucial need to put a ‘price on carbon’. Alexander Fleischander at Primetals Technologies said prices must be reduced to ensure that existing technological solutions can be put into production and scaled up to support decarbonisation.

Data & Transparency
Stephane Germain, President at GHGSat, reminded us about the key role measuring emissions can play in decarbonising the industrial sector, stressing that transparency and the availability of data will be critical in making informed decisions for a green recovery.

Policy Framework
For our last panel, we were joined by Dr. Fatih Birol at the International Energy Agency (IEA) and Isabella Lovin, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden, discussing the need for policymakers to implement key regulation and policy frameworks to ensure necessary investments are undertaken. Cate Hight at the Rocky Mountain Institute echoed this, saying we must have policy on the ground that supports real action in the next decade.

Source :  Climate Action