ICSC , positivo l’ “Euro-Shop Index”

Business conditions for the European shopping centre industry are looking better as the industry heads into 2014, according to the latest Pan European Shopping Centre Executive Opinion Survey, released by The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Europe today.The survey results were compiled from responses of European shopping-centre executives collected between 12-31 December 2013.
The ICSC’s Euro-Shop Index, the summary index of current and future business conditions rose on the previous month, with footfall and occupancy both showing an acceleration in the pace of growth. However, although sales are still growing, the rate of growth slowed during the period suggesting a level of caution among consumers, despite extensive discounting by many retailers seeking to drive traffic and sales volumes. Re-leasing rents continued to decline, for the second month in a row, after peaking in October last year.Compared with last year, current conditions and expectations have risen markedly, highlighting the significant progress to recovery that has been made within the European shopping centre industry over the past 12 months.
ICSC’s Senior Research Analyst in Europe, Sarah Banfield, said: “Although we welcome the fact that economic conditions continue to improve across much of Europe, our monthly Pan-European Shopping Centre Executive Survey continues to warn that economic recovery remains fragile and susceptible to political and/or social unrest and as such the industry knows that there is no room for complacency.”
Source : ICSC