IHIF ( International Hospitality Investment Forum) lancia per marzo 2020 a Berlino un nuovo evento : “Adjacent Spaces, Investing Beyond the Hotel Room”

Building on the success, credibility and respect of the International Hospitality Investment Forum (IHIF) accrued over the last 20 years, IHIF launches Adjacent Spaces, a bold new pop-up event for hospitality’s innovators and game-changers. Adjacent Spaces will be held at The Pullman Hotel, Berlin on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 and will discuss adjacent concepts including; hostels, co-living, co-working, student accommodation, serviced apartments, senior living.

As the hospitality sector continues to evolve and expand, this highly focussed event will gather alternative hospitality asset brands, investors, brokers, law firms, consultants, designers and architects to meet, talk, exchange ideas, share knowledge and shape the future of the industry.

Alexi Khajavi, Managing Director of EMEA Hospitality + Travel Group, Questex said: “IHIF is the hub that connects the international hospitality community. It has done this with incredible success for the past 20 years and will carry on doing so for the next 20 and beyond. Our connectivity to the industry also allows us vital insight into the shifting trends and changing investment habits. Adjacent Spaces is a new project but built on an established and world-leading event platform that enables agile thinking, fresh conversations and deep relationships with the leaders, pioneers, challengers and disruptors.

We exist to be the global voice of authority in hospitality investment. We must lead the way and set the precedent for events, information and experience. Adjacent Spaces will embody the new generation of professional enterprise whilst keeping real people and human connectivity at its core.”

The programme for Adjacent Spaces will include;

Opening Talk: Hospitality Trends Beyond the Hotel Room

An overview of the adjacent spaces market and opportunities for hospitality investors.

Adjacent Opportunities: The Investors’ View

Why are investors looking into alternative hospitality assets, and which ones are presenting the best opportunities?

Lenders Learn to Love Adjacent Spaces

Debt sources and structures for the alternative assets

Case study interview on development, opening and operation to transaction

The Evolution of the European Student Housing Market

Co-Working and Hospitality: how to make it work?

Offices spaces are experiencing a ‘hotelification’ trend while hotel lobbies have become informal working spaces: how can hotels best approach the co-working trend and generate profits?

Senior Living: Active versus Healthcare
How professional operators can deliver reliability and profits while minimizing the risk to take advantage of the massive ageing market? What segment of the market to target?

Co-Living and the Serviced Apartment: Disruption or Evolution?
As an innovative accommodation concept, is co-living likely to disrupt the serviced apartment concept? How can serviced apartment companies adapt to this demand? Is it worth the investment?

Growing Appeal: How the Hostel Market is Diversifying and Maturing
Hostels are no longer the reserve of backpackers: new hostel brands are offering something from everyone, from low-budget groups to discerning travellers looking for better design on a budget. What’s the investment opportunity, and is this maturing market getting better at meeting the needs of investors?
Knowing Which Side Your Bread Is Buttered
Leisure, pubs and restaurants are not for the faint of heart but they are where your customers are at. How to take advantage of the leisure market without getting sick, maybe you can have your cake and eat it too!

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