Il Gruppo editoriale IPE Real Assets diffonde la propria classifica dei “100 Top Real Estate Investors 2018

Assicurazioni Generali  ( con 26.4  bn)  è in 12a  posizione . L’unico altro investitore  istituzionale  presente  nel rank, per  l’ Italia, è  ENPAM  ( al 72° posto,  con 5.162  bn)

«IPE Real Assets’ top 100 ranking of some of the world’s largest real estate investors has captured more than $1.23trn (€1.01trn) in real estate assets held by pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other institutional capital owners.

It was based on IPE Research survey data and publicly available information, predominantly in the form of annual reports. Where accurate numbers were not available, estimates have been made. Some investors have not been included owing to a lack of information.

The top three highlight the diversity of the world’s largest real estate investors today: a Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund, a European pension fund manager and a global insurance company.

Our survey shows that, on average, investors are below their target allocations – but by only 130bps. Most have either increased (33%) or maintained (51%) their allocations in the past 18 months.

Most investors (59%) expect to invest the same amount of capital in real estate over the next 12 months as they did in the past 12-month period. Only 15% expected to decrease its activity.

In terms of investment intentions, investors are favouring European markets, followed by North America. Industrial and logistics markets are also top of the list, ahead of residential and offices. Core and value-add strategies are in poll position in terms of strategies deemed most attractive in the current market environment».  ( IPE)