Il mercato degli investimenti in Austria, secondo IVG


Austria is finding itself on the radar of plenty of European property investors in the wake of the general risk aversion, combined with enduringly stable expectations. The investor community, which has been highly Austrian to date, is being mixed up by foreign investors. To put this in figures and take a sober look at the data, straight away numerous investors are vying for a market volume of around €23 billion. Compared to Germany or the Netherlands, the market is more mono-centralised and compartmentalised. In other words, the capital city of Vienna alone accounts for around 80% of all commercial investments. The average annual investment volume here is around €1.2 billion. But what made it seem unattractive to most investors and ultimately led to it being considered a way station en route to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe a few years ago is today considered an advantage. The market is becoming more transparent. Following rational investor logic, the systematic market risk of Austria is therefore also gradually being reduced. This is what makes the “new” stereotypes that apply to an investment almost classic: stability and security with a clear trend towards “green properties”.
To give away one finding and to issue a warning at the same time: Without local expertise an international investor will face more difficulty on this market than in the hyper transaction-dominated London – both on the way in and on the way out in a few years.
So have a look at what our Austrian neighbours have to offer.
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