Il “Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020” con un ospite speciale alle quinta e ultima giornata sul tema “Land Use & Digital Agriculture” : Carlo, Principe di Galles

Key Highlights

Time is Now.
We were delighted to be joined by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales who shared the final call to action of the week, stressing the next twelve months are absolutely critical in raising ambition for COP26, and building our roadmaps for the decade ahead. HRH also spoke about his new “Sustainable Markets Initiative” which sets out why the time to act is now.

4th Agricultural Revolution
It is clear that technology and innovation will be crucial to increasing food production to sustain the growing population and aid the environment. Dr. Qu Dongyu, Director General at the FAO emphasised the importance of harnessing the potential of innovation to make this agricultural revolution a reality.

Global Food System
Margaret Kuhlowat the WWF raised the key issue of the need to change our food system, with our panellists agreeing that policy ambition is required to drive the scaling and speeding up of action. Gonzalo Munoz, COP25 Climate Action Champion, echoed this, saying we have to recognise our food system is broken, but crucial to fix as it holds key solutions to the multitude of problems we face.

Nature-Based Solutions
Zack Parisa at SilviaTerra spoke of how we need to transform how our forests are valued and managed, pointing out the importance of harmonising data and nature for the health of our planet. Dr. Musonda Mumba at UNEP spoke of the importance of data accessibility and to ensure we learn from past mistakes so that it doesn’t lead to inequality.

Paris Agreement
For the closing session of the Forum, we were joined by Governor of California Gavin Newsom, a refreshing climate voice from the USA. Speaking from the seat Ronald Reagan sat in, Governor Newsom spoke about the stark consequences the climate crisis has had on all Californians, and how they now regularly ‘see’ climate change. He urged the importance of the US re-joining the Paris Agreement on January 21 and ended the week’s event on a positive high.

Source : Climate Action