Immobel e Fidentia concludono la vendita del building “Möbius II” a Bruxelles allo Stato belga

Immobel and Fidentia (through the subsidiary Möbius II NV[1]) concluded a sales agreement with the Belgian State (Buildings Agency) for the BREEAM Excellent and Smart “Möbius II” building (34,000 m²), located in the heart of the Brussels North area.

The future of work and sustainability

The Belgian State intends to offer its civil servants a state of the art, sustainable and intelligent working environment in the Möbius II building. The deal is an important milestone in its recently announced strategy of building a portfolio of green and energy efficient assets. The choice for Möbius II underlines the importance of the office for collaboration, employee wellbeing and efficiency.

In Möbius II, all design choices were made to provide an optimal working environment in terms of heat, light, air and noise comfort while providing spaces to meet, interact and socialise with more room for conviviality. Möbius II is a passive building equipped with triple glazing. A building management system provides a best-in-class digital infrastructure in the building which improves employee comfort and satisfaction while at the same time guaranteeing efficient energy use.

A neighbourhood on the rise

After the sale in March 2020 of Möbius I (26.000 m²) to Allianz, which installed the headquarters of Allianz Belgium in the building, Immobel and Fidentia recently delivered Möbius II and concluded this sales agreement with the Belgian State (Buildings Agency).

With its active role in the association Up4North , Immobel will continue its commitment to rethinking the North area through a continuous dialogue and co-creation process with all concerned stakeholders. Thanks to many private and public investments, the North area is evolving from a monofunctional part of the city to a mixed work-living area with an offer of new mobility forms, connected green spaces, cultural hotspots and other amenities. The North area is the place where the transformation of Brussels to a sustainable city is being prototyped: a city with a focus on the new needs of its users such as new mobility, space for ecology and water, attractive public spaces and a healthy living and working environment.

[1] Immobel NV holds 50% of the shares in Möbius II NV, the other 50% of the shares in Möbius II are held by Fidentia Belux Offices NV.

Source : Immobel