La belga Cofinimmo investe in una clinica ortopedica in Olanda

A subsidiary of Cofinimmo acquired a plot of land for the construction of an orthopaedic clinic in the city of Rijswijk, located between Delft and The Hague, for less than 2 million EUR.

This turnkey project, commissioned by Cofinimmo, fits in with the plans of operator Bergman Clinics to extend the site of the existing clinic, which stands just across the road. As a reminder, the existing clinic used to be an obsolete office building that has been converted by Cofinimmo in 2013. The two buildings will be linked via a pedestrian bridge.

Cofinimmo will invest a total fixed amount of approximately 10 million EUR in the new orthopaedic clinic (including the plot of land). The building will offer accommodation and consultation rooms, spread over a total above-ground surface area of almost 4,000 m², and will provide approximately 100 parking spaces on the ground floor. The project also includes the construction of a new operating room in the existing clinic. Construction work will commence shortly and is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2019. The old building currently standing on the site acquired today will be demolished.

Cofinimmo and Bergman Clinics signed a 15-year ‘triple net’  lease, which will start at the time of delivery of the works, with a ten-year extension option. The rent will be indexed annually in accordance with the Dutch consumer price index and the gross initial rental yield will amount to more than 6 %.

With this expansion, both partners are creating a specialised orthopaedic clinic that will serve the entire region.


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