La francese Primonial firma con la spagnola Grupo Lar una partnership di lungo termine per sviluppare un progetto residenziale ‘Built-to-Rent’ in Spagna , investimento iniziale 400 mn

The Primonial group, a key player in property asset management in Europe with more than €26 billion in assets under management, has signed a long-term agreement with Grupo Lar, a major Spanish property developer operating in various international markets. The agreement provides for the development and management called ‘Built-to-Rent’ residential assets in Spain, for an investment of €400 million by 2025 and an objective to increase the value of the portfolio in operation for approximately €1 billion.

At the end of the partnership, the joint venture aims to develop 5,000 new housing units, designed for rental purposes and located in major cities (Madrid, Barcelona, etc.), “dynamic” cities (Zaragoza, Alicante, etc.) or more specific markets depending on the opportunities (Pamplona, Valladolid, etc.) in order to ensure good geographic diversification. An initial portfolio of 500 housing units has already been secured, with delivery planned by the end of 2020 in Madrid, Málaga and Valladolid, and 27 projects are currently being studied.

The creation of this residential platform, aimed for the Spanish middle class, meets the expectations of future occupants looking for new modern homes, efficient and sustainable buildings that are well-managed with a high level of services.

In the main Spanish cities, the real estate market shows a significant gap between supply and demand and it presents strong growth opportunities for the Primonial Group.  Spain has an old rental property market, 95% of which is individually owned, which will not be able to meet the increase in demand for rented homes, estimated at around 60,000 to 80,000 additional requests per year by 2024.

In response, the programme will offer quality, sustainable and energy-efficient assets. The ambition is to develop 5,000 housing units in 4 years, either through the eventual acquisition of projects developed by other developers (“Turnkey projects”), or through the development of proprietary projects (“Own developments”) by Grupo Lar.

The Primonial group and Grupo Lar signed this agreement with a long-term ambition: to become the leader in real estate management in Spain. This partnership already represents the largest operation in Spain for the creation and operation of a residential rental portfolio.

Source : Primonial