La londinese Matters2 analizza le “European Fashion Capitals”: Dusseldorf number 1? Forse …

The research team of Matters2 Ltd. released yesterday the M2 Index 2019 – European Fashion Capitals, a study that aims at challenging how retail managers look at the expansion within European cities in favour of less obvious but still very rewarding locations. All the 100 cities taken into exams were evaluated on the basis of their macro-economic indicators as well as the presence of brands in the region and the discretionary expenses of the population.
Rents and average wages penalized the traditional fashion capitals that scored in second, fifth and sixth place (Milan, Paris and London respectively). Who did better than that? Dusseldorf (1st), Hamburg (3rd) and Rome (4th) showed optimal results between market potential and opening costs… but the list goes on: German speaking cities are on the rise and the index suggests that if you are opening new stores in the EU you should definitely have a look also at Munich, Berlin and Vienna.
Vittorio Cosma, Managing Director of Matters2, said: “I’m proud to share with the industry part of the tools we use to help brands decide their expansion strategies. Of course this index is just a starting point that needs more insights and further detailed studies for each location, but I hope it will help Retail Managers to explore less obvious markets and prioritise positive cash flows to sustain organic growth.”
Matters2 aims at publishing further two indexes along the same lines later this year, on leisure and food respectively.

Average Salary and Most Expensive Cities
Together with the city footfall, the M2 INDEX takes into consideration a weighted ratio between the average wage and the living expenses per each city. London confirms to be the most expensive European city, while lagging behind in 13th position for its average salary. Bern, on the other side, sees high prosperity, third in this ranking with 4,667.43€ of average wage together with a relatively low burden of expenses (18th place from the top).
High Street Rent
Rent levels in the most expensive retail capitals are relatively stationary with pessimistic forecasts for the near future. The trio London, Paris, Milan is firmly on top and there is no reason to believe prime rents in these cities will affect their european positioning. The rents taken into consideration for these cities exclude the most expensive areas as they have little or no correspondence with other European cities.
The city with the highest ranking in the M2 INDEX 2019 is Dusseldorf. At the heart of the Rhine-Ruhr, a metropolitan region with a population of 11,300,000 people, the city is renowned for its fashion and trade fairs and attracts over 4 million tourists every year. With a relatively low prime rent (3,480 €/SqM/Y) and strong socio-economical indicators for the fashion retail industry, the city tops the much more renowned Milan. Other three German cities, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin make the third, seventh and eighth place respectively, with Rome, Paris and London in the middle as fourth, fifth and sixth. The position of the English capital doesn’t take into account operative worries due to Brexit uncertainty and may become, in the eyes of the developing team, less interesting than other capitals. Vienna and Moscow close the top 10 of the M2 INDEX 2019.

1 Dusseldorf 51 Warsaw
2 Milan 52 Bucharest
3 Hamburg 53 Dresden
4 Rome 56 Antwerp
5 Paris 54 Leeds
6 London 55 Bern
7 Munich   59 Luxembourg
8 Berlin   58 Rotterdam
9 Vienna   57 Bilbao
10 Moscow 62 Sevilla  
11 Florence 60 Bonn  
12 Madrid 64 Brighton
13 Saint Petersburg 61 Belfast
15 Dublin 65 Eindhoven
14 Cologne 63 Porto
16 Barcelona 66 Tirana
17 Zurich 69 Bristol
18 Frankfurt 68 Krakov
19 Amsterdam 67 Strasbourg
20 Prague 71 Utrecht  
21 Copenhagen 70 Lille  
22 Stuttgart 72 The Hague
23 Athens 73 Belgrade  
24 Stockholm 74 Riga  
25 Lyon 75 Zaragoza
26 Helsinki 77 Zagreb  
27 Valencia 76 Tallin  
28 Turin 78 Heidemberg
29 Oslo 80 Katowice  
30 Geneva 79 Granada  
32 Birmingham 81 Vilnius  
31 Budapest   82 Liege  
34 Manchester 83 Gent  
33 Bologna 84 Nottingham
35 Lisbon 87 Bratislava  
36 Liverpool 85 Sofia
37 Malaga 86 Lviv  
38 Istanbul 88 Ljubljana
39 Nuremberg 89 Kharkiv  
41 Brussels 90 Poznan
40 Basel 92 Graz  
43 Glasgow 91 Sarajevo
42 Nice 94 Odessa
44 Bremen 93 Minsk
46 Edinburgh 95 Malmo
45 Hanover 97 Reykjavik
47 Kiev 96 Brno
48 Gothenburg 98 Timisoara
49 Toulouse 99 Rijeka  
50 Laipzig 100 Leicester  

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