La  property  company  tedesca LEG Immobilien SE  si attiva   per aiutare  i  profughi dell‘ Ucraina

We are shocked about Russia’s aggression in the Ukraine. We are deeply saddened by the suffering of the Ukrainian people. As a large owner of apartments in Germany, we consider it our duty to help Ukrainians who are seeking protection in our country. Building on the experience in the past, we would like to coordinate our support for Ukrainian refugees with local communities for coordinated action. The following measures are planned:

A safe home

We are in the process of informing all municipalities, where LEG owns a large number of apartments, about the set-up of an LEG coordination center to arrange apartments for refugees. The coordination center will start to operate at the beginning of next week.

Initial furnishing for the new home

The LEG foundation “Your home helps” has set up an emergency aid fund of initially 500,000 euros to finance the initial furnishing of the apartments.

Cooperation with other partners

In places where LEG and the LEG foundations cannot help directly, we will co-operate with our partners in the charitable sector, with associations and communities that the company also works with on other occasions.

Perspectives for refugees

In the future, we would also like to offer training and jobs for Ukrainian refugees.

“The war in Europe and the suffering of the people in Ukraine affect us deeply. We would like to help people who have fled from the Ukraine with what we do best: providing a safe and secure apartment – in co-ordniation with the local authorities. We stand with our tenants who have Ukrainian roots, but we also think of the Russian families affected by Putin’s war,” says Lars von Lackum, CEO of LEG Immobilien SE.

Source  : LEG Immobilien Group