La scandinava Skjerven Group investe 15 mn in appartamenti a Berlino

Skjerven Group acquired residential properties comprising a total of 70 units
in May 2020. The properties are located in the district of Prenzlauer Berg, close to Schönhauser Allee.
The purchase was made on behalf of Heimstaden Bostad AB, one of the largest Swedish housing
companies. The investment volume is approximately 15 MEUR. This equates to a purchase price of
around 2.600 € per square meter. Skjerven Group acted as investment manager for the transaction and
will be taking on the asset management of the portfolio. Skjerven Group is Heimstaden´s local partner
in Germany.
Since the summer of 2018 Heimstaden has bought around 1.500 apartments with a total investment
volume of 265 Million Euros. Heimstaden is pursuing a long-hold strategy with its portfolio and plans to
acquire further residential properties in Berlin and other growth regions. “We only acquire properties
that offer an adequate yield despite the rental cap” says Einar Skjerven, CEO of Skjerven Group. “A resale
is not being envisaged”.

Source  : Skjerven Group