La tedesca PATRIZIA vende a un fondo pensione danese un portfolio residenziale da 283 unità a Copenhagen

PATRIZIA AG, the global partner for pan-European real estate investment, announces the sale of a residential portfolio totalling 283 units in Copenhagen and North of Copenhagen, Denmark, to “Lægernes Pension”, the Danish pension fund for doctors.

The portfolio was originally acquired by PATRIZIA through three individual transactions. PATRIZIA has since the acquisition sought to capitalise on the strong housing market through a well-managed privatisation strategy and as a result delivered sustainable returns to the investors. 

Jörg Laue, Head of Transaction Nordics at PATRIZIA, commented: “This disposal is in line with the business plan for this portfolio, which has seen us deliver strong returns for our investors by leveraging our asset management expertise and capturing significant value through the privatisation of residential units. Thanks to the increase in the proportion of home owners, the residents of this districts feel much more attached to their neighbourhood. In that sense, PATRIZIA is able to play a positive role in the evolution of this neighbourhood. In addition, we continue to see opportunities in Denmark and remain active investors in this market across a range of asset classes including residential.” 

Source  :  PATRIZIA AG