La tedesca REC Partners si espande in Scandinavia

In response to growing demand, REC Partners, the acknowledged specialists in strategic building planning and technical consultancy for property companies, are continuing to expand their business in Scandinavia.

After the company had conducted a TEDD (Technical and Environmental Due Diligence) check for a residential portfolio in Helsinki, Kerava and Vanta, commissioned in 2016 by the Universal-Investment Group, it was entrusted with further requests for TEDD jobs, plus subsequent monitoring, for residential construction projects involving other German property investors in Scandinavia. In all, the activities in Scandinavia during 2016 involved areas totalling 45,000 square metres in seven residential properties.

In the ongoing year, REC Partners have won three further orders from the Universal-Investment Group. REC Partners is currently engaged in a TEDD job for two residential buildings, forming part of the “Valby Maskinpark” residential area in Copenhagen, plus two other TEDD jobs for their “Brynet” and “Trianglen” residential construction projects in Aarhus. For the latter two projects, REC Partners will also be handling the monitoring work up to 2019/2020. These projects comprise around 1,000 apartments with a total area of around 70,000 square metres.

“We had already handled individual projects for clients in Scandinavia in the past. But since 2016, business has been showing a gratifying increase. In particular, we are seeing very substantial demand for the services of our T(E)DD and Monitoring Division. Meanwhile, we can safely say that our teams have developed into authentic experts on Scandinavia,” explains Holger Weber, Senior Consultant and Scandinavia specialist at REC Partners.

REC Partners have since 2010 handled more than 3,000 properties totalling 10 million square metres in area.

“We’re currently experiencing a very dynamic phase of growth. This applies to our activities all over Europe. Our business in Eastern Europe is expanding vigorously, as are our operations in both Scandinavia and Germany. The work requested relates both to our technical expertise, and to our experience in conceiving and planning properties, in various revitalisation and refocusing projects, for example,” explains Jens Dehnbostel, Managing Director of REC Partners.


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