Milano, al “Palazzo Visconti di Modrone” la Certificazione LEED “Silver”

During the month of November 2013 the fully refurbished “Palazzo Visconti di Modrone” located in the city center of Milan, at Via Cerva no. 28 obtained by the Green Building Certification Institute® (GBCI®) its Silver Certificate in compliance with the requirements prescribed within the LEED rating systems as created and maintained by the U.S. Green Building Council® (USGBC®).
This is for sure one of the first examples of historical buildings in Italy obtaining such an important worldwide recognized certification after a suitable renovation activity.
Appointed just 2 years before as Project and Construction Managers on the 9 million plus euros development for realizing the new Headquarters for Banca Profilo and the subsidiary companies, MCM managed the revamping works as part of a team of expert consultants and contractors, all of which are leading companies in their respective fields with extensive experience of landmark projects.
The 3,000 square meter offices are now accommodating in a beautiful historical property more than 200 employees and the President, the Managing Director and the General Manager offices. The palace was built in the first half of XVII century, and with its unique garden it’s one of the most representative edifices in the heart of Milan.
The 9 million plus euros refurbishing project has been completed in a record time of just 15 months as for the construction phase. MCM team of engineers and architects has overseen this project from the initial feasibility, design and enabling-work stages, through to full demolishing and re-construction, testing, commissioning and handing-over.
The selected architect for the general refurbishment works has been Quattroassociati, the specific consultant for the LEED process certification has been DEERNS Italia (both from Milan) while the appointed General Contractor has been Sercos – Servizi Costruzioni S.p.A.
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