MIPIM, largo ai “supplier” : si presenta la belga Halio, vetri “speciali”

Since its launch two years ago, Halio quickly became a groundbreaking staple of the intelligent glass industry. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, the Halio glass transitions from clear to dark in under 3 minutes. Users enjoy sun blocking, anti-glare protection and near-privacy, while staying in touch with their environment. Halio enables the performances of glazing to be controlled either at the touch of a button or automatically thanks to its smart management algorithms.

Architectural professionals can now design building facades and atria with clean harmonious lines and without interference from external shading devices or internal blinds. Investors benefit too;  additional points in green building certifications, increased financial and aesthetic value and since Halio high performance facades are extremely compact, they increase net floor area to a maximum.


Source : Company