MoZaïC e BONARD diffondono uno Studio sul mercato del “senior living” in Francia : domanda in crescita, scarsa l’ offerta

MoZaïC Asset Management, an independent real estate asset manager

specialized in healthcare real estate in Europe, and BONARD, a global market research and

investment intelligence firm for rented residential asset classes, are going to present the first-ofits-

kind report on assisted living market in France.

The report addresses the need for having comprehensive, standardised and robust data on the

fast-growing senior living asset class, thus giving the market a new level of transparency and

allowing for better investment environment. The aim of the report is to provide a demandsupply

analysis and up-to-date insight into senior living in France, at the national level with

closer look into the top 20 locations across France.

The initiative brings much needed data and context for the segment facing growing pressure due

limited stock. As shown by the report, the senior population in France is growing: the 60+

segment will increase by more than 7% over the next five years, while the total population of

Metropolitan France will grow by just 0.6% over the same period. The number of people aged

75+ will increase by 4%, to constitute 10% of the total population of Metropolitan France by


The report concentrates on the 75+ age segment and analyses senior living establishments in

France with a focus on private commercial service residences. At the same time, the

research provides key information on public stock, as well as an overview of establishments for

dependent people.

The research has identified 433 assisted living establishments in the top 20 cities, with a

total capacity of over 26,231 apartments. With the population aged 75+ in the cities cumulatively

accounting for 654,914 people, there is a clear lack of supply to meet the growing demand for

assisted living residences.

In addition to that, assisted living establishments in France account for fewer than 3,000

establishments, among which are just over 600 service residences.

Among the cities with the highest number of residents aged 75+, the highest provision rates

are seen in Bordeaux (9.7%), Reims (7.6%), Strasbourg (6.4%) and Angers (6.1%), while the

lowest are in Toulon (1.7%) and Nice (1.8%).

Based on price research in the top 20 cities, the average monthly rate for a single studio in a

private residence is €1,090 per person.

As regards new locations for assisted living establishments in France, providers are showing

most interest in Angers, Lyon and Toulouse, with six establishments in the pipeline in each city,

as well as Brest and Clermont-Ferrand, where there are five and three assisted living

establishments in the pipeline, respectively.

The data presented within the report was gathered through a combination of secondary and

primary research. In order to conduct the research, over 100 secondary sources were collated

and screened. These included local and international statistics offices, industry-specific resources

(inter alia, Cap Residences Seniors and, real estate portals, and the

websites of individual senior living establishments.

In addition, national and local media were monitored to complement the information

acquired from the main sources. The primary research components included direct outreach to

private residences and statistics offices (via phone and email).

A professional team of over 10 analysts conducted this in-depth study following the

ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics. The

project was carried out between February and April 2020. While every effort has been

made to ensure that the data is comprehensive, BONARD and MoZaïC AM provide no

representation, or warranty, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, completeness or

correctness of information contained in the report.

MoZaïC Asset Management SAS is an independent real estate asset manager specialized in

healthcare real estate in Europe, healthcare being defined as senior housing, nursing homes,

clinics, medical office buildings and nurseries.

MoZaïC Asset Management partners with operators in implementing their development strategies

as well as with investors in purchasing, managing and exploiting healthcare real estate assets in


BONARD is a global market research and investment intelligence firm assisting with data,

strategies and assessments in rented residential asset classes, incl. student housing, micro living,

co-living, senior living, etc.

The team of 50 researchers and analysts operating in four offices around the world provide the

highest level of secondary and primary in-field data (street level/ground interviews), making

BONARD a leading provider of independent and reliable data and research for the asset class.

The company provides up to 250+ KPIs per city as well as data such as demand, supply,

portfolios, prices, pipeline or customer preferences in over 100 cities.

BONARD works with over 50 global real estate funds, investors, developers and operators for

which it has delivered numerous country-, city- and site-level reports, including customer

surveys/preferences in terms of location, pricing, services and amenities based on the collection

of in-field street-level data by the company’s mobile units.

BONARD is a long-term partner of The Class of 2020. The company’s senior researchers are also

individual members of ESOMAR, the world’s leading association of professional researchers.

Source :  Joint  release