Nursing Homes, crescono i risultati della francese Orpea

ORPEA, the leading European player in Long-Term Care (nursing homes), Post-Acute Care and
Psychiatric Care, has today announced its sales for the second quarter and the first half of
2013 to 30th June.
Yves Le Masne, ORPEA’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “In second quarter 2013, ORPEA
continued to report significant sales growth of 14.4%, after an increase of 14.2% in the first
In the first half, ORPEA again demonstrated the quality and the efficiency of its business model,
with strong sales growth of 14.3% to €782.7 million, surpassing its full-year target of 12%.
This performance can be attributed to the combination of a rigorous, value-creating acquisition
policy and robust organic growth of 7.1%.
The occupancy rate of mature facilities remained very high in all of the countries where ORPEA
operates, while the ramping up of recent openings is proceeding faster than expected.
ORPEA opened 540 beds (new construction and restructuring) in France and internationally in
the second quarter, bringing the total for the first-half to nearly 1,200 beds, all in modern
facilities in strategic locations. This strategy of new openings, we have once again been able to
create more than 600 stable jobs.
International business reported strong growth of 57.7% and now contributes 17% of
consolidated sales. In keeping with its development strategy, ORPEA’s goal is to significantly
increase the share of revenues generated internationally in the years ahead through selective
– in European countries that continue to face the daunting challenges of an ageing
– in China, which must also face now the challenges of an ageing population.
On the strength of its excellent first-half performances and favourable development prospects,
ORPEA confidently reiterates its full-year target of 12% sales growth, to €1,600 million, in 2013,
along with solid operating profitability and tight control of debt.”
Source : Company