Palazzo Sistema” ,  futuro office building della Regione Lombardia  a Milano : ecco  la  visione di Park Associati , che  firmerà  il progetto

 A urban regeneration project for the entire district As well as representing an opportunity to create a new workplace founded on human and community well-being, Palazzo Sistema is also a starting point for an urban regeneration process of the entire district with the direct involvement of the community that will become its main user.     The public park as an element of urban mending The park is designed to be open to the community, both the users of the new Regione Lombardia buildings and the entire neighbourhood. Designed according to the principles of the Dry Garden, the garden is self-sufficient and requires low maintenance.    A biophilic building to promote the well-being of people The complex culminates with a 26-storey tower. The vertical development is emphasised by a backbone consisting of double- and triple-height green terraces which eventually finds its expression in a large garden on the roof of the low body. This uninterrupted relationship with nature generates a biophilic building where sustainable architecture and the quality of the interior workspaces promote the well-being of people.  Park Associati (Architecture and Landscape Design), ESA Engineering (MEP Project, lighting, fire prevention, acoustics), Redesco Progetti (Structural Project), Pro Iter Group (Technical consultancy, geology, soil remediation, hydraulic invariance) Source : Company