Parigi “splende” sul palcoscenico mondiale del real estate : lo afferma Savills , nel suo “Paris Prime Residential Report”

Strong growth witnessed in Paris, at a time when other prime residential hotspots across the globe are slowing.

The prime market in Paris has emerged as a bright spot globally. Prices have risen at a time when the prime residential markets of many other world cities have stalled. Concentrated within the capital’s historic centre, prime Paris property is viewed as a safe, long-term store of wealth. To international buyers, values are still attractive by global standards.

The city’s residential market is currently benefiting from an alignment of factors that have driven domestic demand and boosted its international appeal. Domestic reforms under President Macron, low interest rates and a stable economy are some of the factors fuelling growth.

In the rental market, city-wide caps are now in place. Nevertheless, rentals remain attractive, particularly short-term lets, due to the size of the tourist market and the ability to generate income in a low interest rate environment.

Growth is being led by new areas as the prime market expands. The gentrification of the 9th and 10th arrondissements has seen these areas outperform. Strong demand for the ‘villages’ of Batignolles and Montmartre, together with up-and-coming areas such as South Pigalle, have emerged as notable hotspots.

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