PATRIZIA, chiuse nel 2020 transazioni per 7.5 bn

PATRIZIA AG closed around EUR 7.5 billion in transactions in FY 2020, the majority of which were acquisitions. With this latest volume, PATRIZIA has closed over EUR 40 billion in transactions since 2015 on behalf of its clients.

The ca. EUR 7.5 billion of closed transactions for FY2020 is also testament to PATRIZIA’s ability to successfully transact even in rapidly changing market environments. This continues to position the company as one of the top deal makers among independent real asset investment managers.

Philipp Schaper, Head of European Transactions at PATRIZIA, said: “Despite the tough market conditions, the PATRIZIA transactions team was able to source and sign around 145 transactions in Europe last year. Thanks to our experienced local teams across our 24 offices worldwide and our extensive network of contacts on the ground, we continued to make attractive investments for our clients who trust PATRIZIA as a strong and reliable partner.”

Among the ca. EUR 6 billion transaction volume that was signed in 2020, 60% came from PATRIZIA’s international markets, including around 20% from the UK and BeNeLux respectively, with Iberia and the Nordics combined accounting for the remaining 20%.

Schaper added: “Our current focus for this year is on our conviction strategies across the risk spectrum with a continuing appetite for the living sector and urban logistics.”

PATRIZIA’s preliminary earnings release for FY 2020 will be made available on 25 February 2021.The above mentioned signed and closed volumes include a ca. EUR 0.5bn mandate transferred to PATRIZIA by a third-party investment manager for further administration.