PATRIZIA presenta i numeri del 2022 :  6.5bn di  transazioni,  è attiva  anche  in Italia

PATRIZIA, a leading partner for global real assets, completed on EUR 6.5bn1 of transactions globally in FY 2022, underlining its continued role as a strategic investor for clients during a challenging market. Completed transactions were down just 1.5% year-on-year delivering outperformance relative to market trends, while around 70% of the transactions were acquisitions.

Residential attracted the highest volume of activity, with EUR 1.8bn (29%) transacted in the sector, followed by infrastructure with EUR 1.4bn (23%) and logistics with EUR 1.3bn (22%). Both the volume and share of logistics transactions rose on the previous year, while a significant increase in the volume of infrastructure deals helped offset declines in office and residential transactions.

Throughout 2022, the most active markets for PATRIZIA were DACH (29%), Iberia (16%) and UK&IE (11%). Compared to 2021, in Iberia the share of transactions increased by more than two and a half times and in France and Italy the share of deals doubled. The highest growth market was Japan where the volume of transactions increased by more than five times the previous year, significantly growing PATRIZIA’s footprint in the APAC region in line with its strategy.                                                                                                                    

Completing an average of around three deals per week, the robust volume of transactions in 2022 highlights the expansion of PATRIZIA’s product range and its ability to deliver for clients in a challenging market environment. Over the last five years, PATRIZIA has transacted on approximately EUR 37bn of real assets deals.  

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