“Pizza Village” , a Napoli un evento dedicato al “fun & taste”

From June 17, all spotlights are on the seafront Caracciolo, for the seventh edition of Napoli Pizza Village: the international event dedicated to the largest Neapolitan pizza in Europe. A richer calendar and many more initiatives to engage even more with the good table lovers and the lovers of music and entertainment.

A great novelty of this edition, NPV d’essai, an exclusive area where you can enjoy the best pizzas in the world made by the skilled hands of the top 9 pizzerias in the world. An hour and a half of tasting, for a real dive into the scents and flavors of the most popular Italian dish in the world. An opportunity to learn about trends and ways that will shape the future of Neapolitan pizza for the next 2017/2018 season.

The top players will also be involved as judges in the first edition of Food Blogger Awards OFF of Napoli Pizza Village: the competition, made in collaboration with Malvarosa publisher and food agency, entirely dedicated to the pizza world and addressed to Italian and foreign bloggers, Who will challenge the pizzas.

The seventh edition of Napoli Pizza Village is also the place where it will be possible to sign in support of the candidacy of the Art of Pizzaiulo Napoletano as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From here, the partnership with the Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio Foundation, the Pizzaiuoli Napoletani and Coldiretti Association, kicked off in 2014, which led to more than 1.5 million signatures. In December 2017, finally, the UNESCO committee will meet in Seoul to assess and decide whether to articulate the Art of Pope Neapolitan as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Also for the 2017 edition will be possible access to NPV Experience:
NPV Pizza Class. A place where lovers can discover the secrets of true Neapolitan pizza: every night, two famous White Artistic Masters, will teach 48 aspiring pizzas, the secrets to prepare a good pizza in Parthenope, even in the oven. The contribution to participate is € 20 and will be fully devoted to the Cuore Amico Onlus that supports families with children with congenital heart disease.

Napoli Pizza Village is a unique event, which only in 2016 hosted a national and international audience reaching 600,000 attendance. A village in the impressive Golfo di Napoli, 1,300 meters long, with 20,000 contemporary seats where every year the wise hands of the pizzaioli masters of the 50 oldest pizzerias in Naples spit over 100,000 pizzas.

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