Prelios Agency assiste Beni Stabili nella locazione di un immobile a Milano

Prelios Agency, the Prelios Group’s real estate advisory and broker, has assisted Beni Stabili SIIQ in leasing a building located in Via Vittoria Colonna 4, Milan.

Having leased the first three floors of the building over the last few months, Prelios Agency recently completed the leasing of the other two floors, thereby concluding its advisory service for the property owner on schedule.

The property in question, an office building with a total surface area of 3,500 sq.m, recently underwent a restructuring consisting of a complete redevelopment of the work spaces and facilities, and will qualify for LEED Gold certification. It will shortly be housing four new tenants of primary standing.

Mauro Fiori, Head of Institutional Leasing at Prelios Agency, said: “We are delighted with this result and pleased to have worked with Beni Stabili SIIQ to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. With this operation, Prelios Agency confirms its position as a leading player on the market providing services to help high-standing investors optimize their property portfolios.”


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