Prelios Agency: Michele Manfredi nominato Leasing Associate

Prelios Agency, the Prelios Group’s real estate advisory and broker, has strengthened its Institutional Leasing team led by Mauro Fiori with the entry of Michele Manfredi as a Leasing Associate.

Manfredi had been with Regus Business Centres since 2011, most recently as Area Manager of the Business Centers in Velasca, Linate, Centro Leoni and Milanofiori ad Assago. Previously he was General Manager and Area Sales Manager at a number of Milanese centers, including Duomo, Torre Velasca and Montenapoleone.

Before joining Regus, Manfredi gained experience in the real estate sector at companies including Gabetti Property Solutions, where he was a property consultant, later at Pirelli RE Agency, as a real estate agent marketing third-party properties in the Milan area, and at Immobiliare Lombarda as a sales and marketing expert in the “Leasing Management” function of the Milan office.

The arrival of Manfredi strengthens the Prelios Agency team, which, under the lead of Antonio Chiatellino, is consolidating its management expertise with the recruitment of experienced high-level professionals, to make Prelios Agency one of the primary players on its core markets.

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