Prossimo Mipim  a Cannes : in camping anzicchè  su uno yacht ?

di  Andreas Schiller
Giornalista , Founder Schiller Publishing House, Germania

March is traditionally Mipim month. Many real estate professionals from all over the world travel to the Côte d’Azur to participate in the international real estate fair.

The question is what it will look like in Cannes this year. Will one yacht rented by exhibitors again line up next to the next in the old harbour directly at the Palais des Festivals as the actual venue? Will there once again be lots of receptions and big parties in the evenings, just like along the promenade and in the luxury hotels on the Croisette? Do such forms of image cultivation still suit the times?

In some talks with participants, most of whom have been present at Mipim for a long time, it is often said behind closed doors: “Not really!”

I agree and say it openly: No, it is improper. This does not in any way cast doubt on Mipim’s raison d’être.

On the contrary: meetings and personal exchange remain important, and so do some conferences in and around the Palais.

Showy representations, on the other hand, seem to have fallen out of time. Even more meets disapproval. While some companies and public authorities continue to exhibit as usual, others are not even travelling this year or are only presenting themselves in a more modest setting.

The reasons are mostly similar and have been the same for a long time: exorbitant prices for accommodation and sometimes adventurous journeys.

On the other hand, I have to say many of the contacts still important for me today were made or strengthened at Mipim. It is most likely the case for many other exhibitors and visitors. It is in such ambivalence that Mipim stands – this year with all the ethical, financial, globalisationrelated, infrastructural, war-related, political and economic upheavals even more than before.

To remain with the accommodation: maybe camping could be an option. Camping at Mipim? Yes, it works. Until last year, I didn’t know either. Because there were some who didn’t trust the widespread anti-pandemic optimism and shied away from the imponderables of both flying and travelling by train, and instead of staying at home they took the trip to Cannes and Mipim by car.

Arrivals and departures in camper vans were part of it. And on the spot? During the day in business dress at Mipim, in the evening in leisure clothes and then better without a badge at the campsite. Perhaps that, too, is more suitable for the current times than the overpriced hotel room as close to the Palais as possible or the overnight stay on a yacht.

Such commitment shows the importance that continues to be attached to Mipim. Yes, the spring meeting on the Côte d’Azur is relevant not least because of its internationality. And no, I am not arguing that the real estate industry should only walk around in a penitential robe and drink oat milk at best.

But discussing affordable housing or climate protection on a yacht, perhaps with oysters and champagne, seems – to put it kindly – bizarre.