Rallentano i  total  return  del real estate non quotato in Europa  . Lo sostiene   l’ultima survey  di  INREV 

Key highlights for Q2 include:

·         The 2.69% total return reported this quarter was driven by lower capital growth of 1.86%. The latest results are 64 bps lower than the 3.33% recorded in Q1 2022 and mark a year-on-year decrease of 30 bps.

·         The UK remains ahead of the other geographies with a total return of 3.66%, albeit its lowest total return since Q2 2021. Dutch assets followed with a total return of 2.81%. France was the only main geography to see performance improve this quarter at 2.29%, while German assets trailed behind at 2.15%. 

·         The industrial/logistics sector continues to outperform, delivering the highest return among main sectors at 4.21%. Nonetheless, this is the lowest total return posted since Q3 2020. Residential and retail assets also recorded a slightly weaker performance from Q1 2022, with total returns of 2.74% and 1.96%, respectively. Office performance comes in last of the main four sectors at 1.43%. 

·         Source : INREV