Sarà a Kuala Lumpur in Malesia il 16° Congresso degli architetti asiatici del 2014

Parte giustamente per tempo l’ annuncio di questo straordinario appuntamento, che si tiene ogni due anni.
Ecco qui sotto come l’ Asian Congress of Architects (ACA) inizia oggi la campagna di comunicazione :
«Malaysia and the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre have been chosen to host the 16th Asian Congress of Architects (ACA) 2014, a regional event that is held once every two years.
The six-day congress, which will be attended by professionals and students from member countries of the Architects Regional Council of Asia, is expected to yield more than RM21.7 million (US$7.1 million) in economic impact for the country and RM13.1 million through visitor expenditure.
The congress aims to take Asian architects around the region where they will gain in-depth exposure to architectural environments of member countries. The event coincides with the Malaysian Institute of Architects’ (PAM) Annual Meeting which deliberates and presents collective directions of the region’s architectural industry.
Malaysia last hosted the Asian Congress of Architects in 1984 and 2000, which according to Saifuddin bin Ahmad, president of PAM, collectively brought 800 delegates into the country.
Saifuddin said: “We hope to significantly increase the number (of delegates) to 3,000 for ACA 2014, with 40 per cent being international attendees. This will serve as the perfect platform for us to show our members the architectural developments in our country and lift the standards of our local architectural society.”
The last ACA was held in Bali, Indonesia».
Paola G. Lunghini