Sarà a Londra il 20 marzo il 29° Industry Seminar di ERES-European Real Estate Society, sul tema “Stranding Risk”

These one-day seminars are open to all ERES members and are designed to provide a forum to discuss current themes of national and/or international interest relevant to a real estate industry audience. Keynote speakers and panel members are invited from the real estate industry, academia and from research institutions. A particular focus is placed on discussing themes relevant to the industry in the city hosting the seminar. The seminars are free of charge and are designed to facilitate the professional-academic networking within ERES.

The London Industry Seminar is organized jointly with ERES by the ‘Carbon Risk and Real Estate Monitor’ (CRREM) project, framed within the Horizons 2020 Research and Innovation programme. It introduces climate change and stranding risk, with a focus on their impact on the real estate context.

The panellists will provide insight on the latest research on the impact of climate change on asset values and rent, the perspective on the current and future challenges of adapting real estate portfolios to climate change and future mitigation requirements. On the other hand, the seminar aims to present consistent frameworks – from the global economy to the asset scale – engaging real estate stakeholders into risk disclosure and mitigation action. 


c/o Aberdeen Standard Investment
Bow Bells House, 1 Bread St London EC4M 9HH, United Kingdom
March 20, 2020, 14:00 – 18:00