Si presenta al Mipim con tre nuovi progetti anche Banca di Bologna Real Estate , in collaborazione con l’ archistar Mario Cucinella

Architect Mario Cucinella, winner of two Mipim Awards, will present to international operators the new projects designed for Banca di Bologna Real Estate Spa, for their debut at Mipim, participating in the multi-partner initiative promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region.


The founder of the Mario Cucinella Architects will take part in two conferences scheduled at the Palais des festival in Cannes on March 12 (3:30 pm at Italian Pavilion – Stand R8 B10) and March 13 (11 am at Ruby Room) and will illustrate the main innovative features of the three urban redevelopment projects regenerating strategic areas, owned by Banca di Bologna Real Estate Spa, located in the metropolitan area of Bologna, the most important urban center of the Region.



The project foresees the transformation of a dismissed industrial area in a vibrant and sustainable new residential neighborhood.

Immersed in the new park and with privately owned green areas, the development proposes 4 main architectural typologies ranging from villas to contemporary apartments that explore a renewed relationship with the surrounding environment enhancing the quality of life of its occupants.

·         210,000 square meters of land; 36,000 square meters of residential area


The Garden City

Garden City sits on the edge of Bologna’s metropolitan area and the beautiful surrounding countryside. The masterplan proposes a fluid system of active green areas that, together with different building densities and typologies (apartments and villas), shape a new dynamic urban spatiality, focused on human scale and renewed local identity.

  • 58,000 square meters of land; 36,000 square meters of residential area


Castel San Pietro Centrale

Located only 14 minutes from Bologna’s historic center, the plan includes the construction of a multi-purpose center suitable to accommodate solutions complementary to the residences (retail, offices, leisure and wellness…).

  • 65,000 square meters of land; 22,000 square meters of mixed-use; 7,000 square meters of residential area inside the historical “borgo”


Banca di Bologna Real Estate Spa, a company wholly-owned by Banca di Bologna, is focused on real estate development and promotion.

As the owner of important areas located in the metropolitan area of Bologna, Banca Bologna Real Estate Spa believes that, amidst the current global metamorphosis of the real estate market, both residential and tertiary, the role of investors and architects is to find languages capable of responding to new expectations.

This is why they started an important collaboration with Mario Cucinella Architects to design new places that respect human beings, the environment and the territory.


“The new architectural works must be based on important values – claims Mario Cucinella – to build today means to follow a road founded on ethics, on environmental themes, and that has a social impact that contributes to the construction of better cities.”


Pic :  Palazzo De  Toschi,  Fronteparco Casalecchio , Garden  City  Calderara


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