Sponda vende a Helsinki nove asset commerciali per oltre 100 mila mq

Property investment company Sponda Plc has signed an agreement to sell commercial properties in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, to property investment company Antilooppi. The total leasable area of the properties exceeds 100,000 square metres, with parking facilities of approximately 1,650 spaces.

Since the early 2000s, Sponda has contributed to the development of Ruoholahti into one of the most significant business districts in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Sustainability has been at the forefront of Sponda’s development activities, with several investments made to improve energy efficiency during this period.

“The strong investment market supports the divestment of these assets and we are delighted to see Antilooppi continue our work going forward. Sponda has several development projects either under way or in the pipeline: this sale will free up resources necessary for these developments, allowing for the continuation of Sponda’s strategy to actively develop its properties and create outstanding working environments for its customers”, says Christian Hohenthal, Sponda’s President and CEO.

The completion of the sale requires an approval by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, which is expected in spring 2020.

Source : Sponda