Sponda vende tre proprietà in Finlandia

The property investment company Sponda Plc has sold two office properties and one logistics property for a total price of EUR 13.7 million. Sponda will record a sales profit of approximately EUR 500,000 from these transactions. The selling price of all properties sold was equal to or higher than their fair value on Sponda’s balance sheet. In Helsinki, Sponda sold an office property located at Lönnrotinkatu 28. The office building, completed in the 1930s, features approximately 2,800 square metres of floor area. The second office property sold is located at Linnankatu 18 in Turku. The office building was completed in two phases, in late 1890s and early 1900s, and renovated in 1990. Its floor area is approximately 4,250 square metres. The logistics property sold is located at Valuraudankuja 6, Helsinki. The floor area of the industrial and warehouse facility is approximately 2,600 square metres.
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The sale of the properties is part of the implementation of Sponda’s new strategy, which was published in September 2013.
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